Author & Voice Over Actor

Most Endangered Species:


Many men struggle with the perils of everyday life.  More and more companies are hiring women instead of men, leaving men with fewer choices.  More and more men stand on the sides of roads facing homelessness as their reality.  Meanwhile, the prison system continues to grow at alarming rates (the modern day slavery).  Let's not forget about the many lives lost every single day on inner city streets.  Is slavery over, or has it transcended into modern times in the form of jail cells?  This book is Isis Elijah's dedication and celebration of hope for a brighter future that our black men and youth hold for a better tomorrow.


For all of the heartache, grief, and pain there is always hope.  Everyone has a father, grandfather, brother, uncle, or cousin.  Our men are not in this battle for prosperity alone.  Love is the answer.  Isis M. Elijah appreciates all of the families that have purchased this book thus far.  Thanks for all of the positive feedback, and keep it coming.


This book has been created to show empathy towards all men, but especially black men.  There are over 9 million black men incarcerated, imprisoned, enslaved.  My book is intended to be a positive reading force to deflect on all the deaths surround the black community.  Many argue that the world's most endangered species are certain animals.  I happen to disagree.  I believe it is the black male.  

"Males are beginning to lose sight of their true value and worth.  Males carry on their family name.  Males initiate reproduction.  A true male presence is strong, firm, loving, and consistent.  This true male presence is so deparately needed, wanted, and deserved.  Black males are assets not liabilities."

We love hearing from you.  I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading my poetry.  Please know that my book was written just for you.  Much love always.​​​


Isis M. Elijah